Air quality: the big questions

May 17, 2018
Posted by: majid

The way transport is used in urban areas is changing, as cities across the UK take action to reduce vehicle emissions.

Air quality: two words which are barely out of the news at the moment and words which will have a significant impact on how a fleet operates and what vehicles it procures in the future.

In recent years, the focus of environmental policies has largely been on reducing CO2 emissions, but, as carbon emissions contribute to the heating of the globe as a whole, the response has mainly been at national and international levels.

 However, the focus has shifted towards improving local air quality and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, in particular.

The impact of this pollutant is felt where the emissions occur, which means a local policy response is more appropriate in tackling the issue.

Here we look at why and how the Government and local authorities are tackling the issue.

Why are local authorities taking action?

What action is being taken?

What are clean air zones?

How does congestion charging work?

How have Metro mayoral elections had an impact?

How does a workplace parking levy work?



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