Frequently Asked Questions - Leasing

If you have a question, chances are the answer can be found here. If you’re still unsure, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Our cars and Vans are all supplied via either the UK dealer network or via the Franchise direct. We don’t use imports or any other sources such as Brokers

As we buy many hundreds of vehicles a year, we are able to secure higher discounts than most.

As our vehicles are supplied via the Dealer network and franchise direct, you receive all the usual benefits such as full manufacturers warranty and road side assistance / rescue package – as dictated by the manufacturer.

With all Business Contract Hire / Personal Contract Hire packages, we collect the vehicle from you at an agreeable date at the end of your contract. We may also be able to source you a purchase price which will be based on the Auction Value if you had an interest in owning the vehicle at the end of contract.

In most cases, yes – usually for anything between 3 and 12 months at a time.

Yes. All our vehicles are delivered to any UK Mainland address.

Yes – If you are in possession of a leased, hired or rented vehicle the registration certificate will normally be held securely by the company that finances the vehicle. When travelling abroad it is important that drivers are able to produce documentation to show they are authorised to be in possession of the vehicle. The vehicle on-hire certificate (VE 103) has been developed to satisfy this requirement. The certificate, which is subject to a small administrative fee, may be obtained from our admin department. Please apply for a VE 103 which is located on our Euro travel tab.

12 – 48 months is the range that we currently offer. As a general rule – the longer the contract, the cheaper the rental.

The initial rental is constructed of either 1, 3,6 or 9 of the monthly rentals or can be a lump sum. This figure is not returned to you at the end of the contract so to calculate the total repayable you have to take this payment into consideration.

No – we can accept cheque, BACS or CHAPS payments. Many finance companies now simply take the first payment by Direct Debit.

Maintenance on all our lease products will usually incorporate all routine servicing, tyres, brakes, clutch, exhaust etc. It doesn’t include, body damage, stone chips to glass or punctures. The cost of Maintenance varies depending on the finance company, vehicle and mileage that you will cover.

Yes – you can terminate a contract early. A termination fee may apply so it’s best to check with our Admin team before making any decisions. Finance company admin fee’s can vary between £0 and the total amount repayable – so well worth checking.

Yes, our Funding Partners will tax your vehicle for the duration of the contracted term automatically. You will no longer be sent a paper tax disc to display in the vehicle windscreen.

As of October 1st 2014 the colourful paper circles are no longer being issued and the requirement for motorists to display them in their cars ended. the DVLA and police rely on DVLA’s electronic vehicle register to check if a vehicle is taxed.

It is a requirement that your vehicle is comprehensively insured at all times. If you have an accident, contact your fleet manger / insurance company.

If you have opted for our Accident Management service you can contact their help line which will deal with the claim on your behalf.

Just the same as if you owned the vehicle, you need to insure the vehicle for the full length of the contract on a fully comprehensive basis. We can offer you assistance if required. Simply contact us

Its simple – a small “pence per mile charge” applies (PPM) . This “PPM” varies depending on the vehicle and can be found on your contract. Usually it is around 10p per mile – e.g  1000 miles over contract mileage would result in a £100 charge. You will be invoiced at the end of your contact and after the vehicle has been collected.

Quite often, yes! Check with your fleet manger / company or our admin team for further details.

You must make sure that the new driver accepts the car being re allocated.

These two types of funding are essentially the same – the only difference is one is for “Business” contract Hire (BCH) where as the other “personal” contract Hire (PCH)

Personal contracts are quoted with VAT included. Some funders will only fund companies and not private individuals – however, in most cases you can simply add VAT to the payments to get the personal price. Just tell us if you’d like Business or Personal, and we’ll get you the best price accordingly!

Yes, but only 50% of the VAT. If you have full maintenance, 100% of the VAT for the maintenance element can be reclaimed.

If it can’t be satisfied on the spot, then the authority issuing the fine will usually write to our funding partners who will in turn inform the Authority of the individual/company that has possession of the vehicle. It will then be up to them to satisfy the fine directly with the issuing authority. In some cases, the funder will pay the fine immediately to avoid the higher tariffs and pass the costs on to you. In most cases there is  small administration fee for this service.

Yes – subject to the modifications being “made right” before collection. The BVRLA publish guidelines for acceptable marks. Usually, it’s fine to leave the modification on the vehicle if it’s not easily removed, for example parking sensors – as long as they’re not specialist items you would not expect to have on a used vehicle. If in doubt, contact the finance company concerned for specific advice.

Yes – but it must be removed without any damage prior to the collection of the vehicle.

Yes, however for fraud prevention we can only deliver to a confirmed address, like your confirmed work address. If for any reason you’re not able to accept delivery – we will need confirmation in writing that you’re authorising someone else to accept delivery on your behalf, and a copy of their identification.

No – the Direct Debit must come from an account from the person/company underwritten, whose name is on the finance agreements.

Unfortunately not. However , we can point you in the right direction !

In many cases clients have their vehicles collected before an MOT is due (which is 3 years from registration). If it does go over this date, it’s a legal requirement the MOT is carried out. Customers with full maintenance contracts have this covered as part of their maintenance agreement and therefore the MOT must be carried out prior to collection.

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