Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the main operating costs incurred in running a fleet.

It can make up to 25% of your fleet’s running costs.

We know how important it is to have an effective process to manage and reduce your fleet’s fuel costs. A quality fuel management program is integral to effective fleet management for both its cost control and the quality of information and fleet measurements it provides.

ecofleet have been specialists in helping individuals and businesses source electric, PHEV and hybrid vehicles for over 8 years, and fully recognise that moving away from a traditional fuel based vehicle is not an easy decision to make, despite the obvious financial and environmental benefits.

By partnering with Electric Car Chargers UK, ecofleet can now provide the complete package to allow eligible individuals and businesses to enjoy the full benefits of an electric vehicle without the concerns of how it will be charged, and whether the mileage range will be suitable for your needs.

The benefits of driving an electric vehicle:

  • Reduced benefit in kind with zero CO2 emissions
  • Lower cost of ownership, taking into upfront and ongoing costs
  • Better for the environment, your local community and your future generations

The benefits of choosing ecofleet:

  • Help you select and source the right type of electric vehicle for your needs
  • Provide you with home charging facilities without the hassle

ecofleet do understand that ‘charging’ your vehicle is a completely different mindset to simply pulling up at your local fuel station and filling your tank.  Understanding your average mileage, planning your journey and locating public charge stations are the new habits that you will need to adopt, but the financial benefits of switching to electric can make these new habits completely worthwhile:

Representation of cost savings

Based on 250 miles


Using an average of

12p per mile


Fully recharging an EV battery

13p per kwh



Based on 250 miles per week, 13,000 miles per year



These costings are for representation purposes only and will vary based on the vehicle, the cost of diesel and the cost of your electric.


Am I eligible for a free home charge point?

There are two simple things that you need to ensure that you are eligible for a free home charge point;

  • You lease or acquire an electric vehicle, PHEV or hybrid vehicle from ecofleet
  • Your home has a garage or off-road parking


Not sure which fuel option ?

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