Operating a fleet of vehicles has developed into an increasingly complex discipline.

As one of the largest overheads faced by most organisations, the difference between a well-run fleetand an inefficient one can make a very sizeable impact on a company’s profit margins

From an operational perspective, efficient processes can make the running of a fleet relatively stress free. Get this wrong and it can turn into a time-consuming headache and a burden on the organisations’ resource.

Company cars remain a vital ingredient of many employee’s remuneration package. Not choosing the correct car fleet mix can deter higher caliber professionals from joining your business and possibly de-motivate existing staff members and cause internal disputes. However, a well calculated, motivational and robust fleet policy can contribute towards high staff morale by offering desirable, low emission vehicles with low personal tax.

The need to implement highly efficient processes and systems therefore is extremely important. Today’s fleet manager is faced with rising fuel costs, tightening health and safety issues, increasing pressure to ‘go green’, heightened expectations to demonstrate corporate responsibility and a whole host of other challenges.

This is all at a time when research is indicating that the number of companies employing a dedicated fleet manager has declined, with the job of running the company fleet of cars and vans, as well as the grey fleet, being handed to a willing volunteer in the human resources, finance, or administration teams.

We understand that it can be a daunting experience so we are here to help. We understand that you need to be in control, but may require guidance and advice to see the bigger picture. Our exceptional industry expertise means we can work with you to meet your goals.

We will talk to you to understand your priorities and then work with you to develop and implement the appropriate solutions for your business.

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Fleet Policy

A fleet policy audit is usually carried for our clients free of charge.  Our review is specific to each client, but will normally include such issues as:-

  • Corporation tax
  • VAT recovery
  • Optimum replacement cycles
  • Model selection within grades
  • Whole life vehicle costs
  • Management and administration requirements
  • Duty of Care responsibilities and risk management
  • Fuel arrangements and reimbursements
  • Driver implications including Benefit In Kind tax
  • Car policy handbooks
  • Control of “grey” fleet – i.e. employees driving their own cars on company business
  • Occasional hiring requirements

From this data, bespoke funding and management packages are created and implemented.

Most importantly, we won’t try to guide you down a path that’s completely inappropriate for your organisation. Our unique propositions will mean you can be confident that our advice is honest and truly impartial.

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