Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is the perfect way to fund a vehicle if a driver decides to opt out of the company car scheme, or if a company decides to offer cash for car alternative. It provides fixed cost motoring.

What is Personal Contract Hire ( PCH )?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) provides a fixed cost motoring package that has all the benefits of corporate Contract Hire in a personal package.

PCH is a budget friendly alternative to traditional funding methods such as a personal loan or hire purchase.  You can get your vehicle without the need for a large deposit; you simply hire the car for a fixed period and at the end, hand it back to the finance company.

To help you plan your budget further you can include a full maintenance package, this can include servicing, general repairs, tyres and road fund license.  This only leaves you to sort out your insurance and fuel costs.  Please note that if you are using the car for business use you will need to notify your insurance company

Suitable For

  • Private individuals who do not qualify for a company car
  • Employees opting out of company car schemes

Who are seeking to:

  • Tap into company car cost & service advantages
  • Secure fixed car costs & simplify expense budgeting
  • Spread car costs through all-inclusive monthly payments
  • Avoid exposure to resale value & maintenance risks

Main Features

  • Contract period & mileage set to match client usage patterns
  • Optimised cash flow from fixed monthly rental payments
  • Fixed operating costs – resale value risks eliminated
  • Service and maintenance can be included
  • Roadside assistance and recovery include

VAT Treatment

  •  VAT free funding reduces cost of rental
  •  VAT included on rental

End of Contract

  • Vehicle returned to ecofleet / suppliers – no further commitment
  • Excess mileage charges levied if contract mileage exceeded
  • Reinstatement charges made if unfair wear & tear evident

ecofleet Features  

  • Buying power ensures consistently keen pricing
  • Cars delivered and collected FOC
  • Servicing provided by client convenient agents
  • Contracts can be regularly reviewed & amended to match mileage patterns

All information provided on this site is for guidance only. We recommend that you seek professional advice from your accountant and tax office before making any decisions. eco fleet uk Ltd  accepts no legal liability for the information given as it has been provided for illustration only. It is your responsibility to check the validity of this with the relevant authorities.

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