Advice for safe driving on ice

January 5, 2022
Posted by: majid
Winter is a challenging time for drivers, as sub-zero temperatures lead to potentially dangerous road conditions.

Ice and hail are two of the main hazards to look out for. However, preparing adequately and driving appropriately will help you stay safe. Read on to find out how.

How to prepare for driving on ice

  • Firstly, think about whether your journey is really necessary.
  • Tyre grip is hugely reduced on icy roads, and braking distances are much longer.
  • Even if you avoid an accident, your car may get stuck – potentially leading to a long walk home. Traffic congestion is likely to be worse, too. If you don’t get stuck, the driver in front of you probably will…
  • Before you leave home, make sure you pack a charged mobile phone (and a charger cable), a bottle of water, a few snacks and a warm blanket. If snowfall looks likely, a set of snow socks – high-grip fabric covers fitted over the car’s driven wheels – is worth having, too.
  • If you’re driving to meet someone, let them know your route and when you expect to arrive. Make sure the car’s windows and mirrors are completely clear before you set off. And in cars with selectable drive modes, select the best option for cold conditions.

You can watch our Met Office daily weather video to find out if there are going to be icy conditions that could affect your driving over the next three days.




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